Property Management

At Justin Management, all our properties are 100% owner managed, allowing us to commit ourselves fully to the highest standard of professionalism. As owner managed properties, we have been able to tailor our policies and align our goals from the top down creating a unique brand guided by one vision. Our ability to manage our own properties has enabled us to maximize our properties value through active hands on management, while remaining exceedingly attentive to tenants needs.

At Justin Management, property management is our core. 45 years of experience and three generations of property managers has allowed us to develop our expertise, attention to details, and commitment to high quality service. 



With all leasing done in house, our emphasis on relationship development has allowed us to deliver a deal with the highest and best value for you. As owner managers, we have the ability to work alongside our tenants and create a solution catered to each tenants needs. We have a strong proficiency in guiding tenants through the complexities of leasing in today’s fast paced market.  Our commitment to highest quality service has allowed us to understand each tenants respective special and financial needs. With over 1 million square feet of owner managed properties we have been able to provide a solution through proper placement that best fits the tenant’s needs. 


We believe in long term occupancy and we have proven our commitment to our tenant’s growth with many tenants occupying a variety of our spaces for over 25 years.

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